Welcome to DUMP!

The Dung Beetle UK Mapping Project (DUMP) has now come to an end. Thank you to all those who participated or supported this Oxford University Museum of Natural History activity.

The data is available via iRecord.
Distribution maps of British dung beetles can be found on the NBN Atlas

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The information and resources on this website are still available but may become outdated and links to other resources may no longer work as the website is no longer being maintained.

DUMP was set up by a small team of people passionate about UK dung beetle ecology and conservation. The Team members were Steve Lane, Darren J. Mann, Sally-Ann Spence & Ceri Watkins.

The project aims were to:

  • Highlight the ecological, conservation and economic importance of dung beetles
  • Validate dung beetle identifications from Museum collections across the UK
  • Map historic and present-day dung beetle distributions across the country using specimen data from Museum collections and by undertaking field surveys
  • Provide outreach education to the public, raising awareness of UK dung beetles
  • Provide information on land and livestock management practices to the agricultural sector, livestock owners and land managers to encourage sympathetic management of dung fauna and flora.