Ecosystem Services

The healthier the dung beetle community is, the quicker the dung will be broken down. In fields with reduced dung beetle numbers, the dung can remain intact for a very long time. By munching and burying dung, the beetles are providing a range of ecosystem services that help to keep pastures healthy in addition to dung removal.

These include reducing pasture fouling, reducing soil compaction, improving drainage and recycling nutrients which improves soil fertility and enhances the growth of grasses. It’s not just the pasture that benefits either. Dung beetles provide a free transport service for predatory mites that hitch a ride as the beetles fly between dung piles. These mites feed on fly eggs and maggots, reducing the number of nuisance flies in the field. Dung beetles also help to suppress gastrointestinal parasites such as red worms and bot fly by literally eating away the breeding habitat of these unwanted pests.

More information about the benefits and ecosystem services of dung beetles will be added soon. Thank you for your patience while Team DUMP are developing this site.