***PLEASE NOTE: There has been recent nomenclature changes with this Genus and Sub-genera names have now been adopted as Genera. The new DUMP downloadable Guide to UK Aphodiini is updated to the revised system. This page will be updated soon. ****

Most aphodiines spend their entire lives in the dung, although a few are associated with vegetable refuse or live partly in Geotrupidae burrows. Several species can be present in the same dung pile but preferences for dung type, dung age, soil type, and level of sun exposure exist. By carefully recording habitat information when mapping species Team DUMP are hoping to unravel the finer ecological preferences of these beetles.

Some species are quite variable and have a number of different colour forms which can make identification more difficult. A DUMP downloadable Guide to UK Aphodiini is available by clicking here. This pictorial identification sheet was produced with funding from a British Ecological Society Outreach grant awarded to DUMP team member Ceri Watkins in 2016. Click here to download the DUMP dichotomous Identification Key to Aphodius. This key is an illustrated and revised version of the Royal Entomological Society key by Jessop (1986). Visit the Links page to access the original key by Jessop and the earlier (1956) key by Britton.

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