Submit a Dung beetle Sighting

Biological recording is the scientific study of the distribution of living organisms and submitting biological records is a popular hobby.

The basis of a biological record is the ‘four Ws’:

  • What: the identification of the organism recorded
  • Where: The locality where the organism was seen
  • When: the date (and time) when the organism was recorded
  • Who: the person or persons making the observation

At a national level biological records are managed by the Biological Records Centre based at Wallingford in Oxfordshire. There is a system of national recording schemes such as the Scarabaeoidea Recording Scheme which covers the dung beetles. The recording schemes are usually voluntarily managed by one or a few very knowledgeable individuals with a particular specialism for a biological group.


All British dung beetle records are very gratefully received and will be added to the DUMP database and the National Recording Scheme. Please submit your records via our online recording form on iRecord. Your record will be verified by an expert and we will provide feedback whenever possible to enable you to fine tune your identification skills. Please include a good quality close-up photo of the top and the underside of the beetle whenever possible. For some species, it is helpful to have an image of a particular character necessary for proper identification.

In some instances, identification may not be possible from a photo and we do not guarantee to be able to do this and it is just one reason why it is sometimes necessary to retain a preserved voucher specimen.