Dung beetle Detectives Roadshow


This week we have received the most fantastic news – the British Ecological Society has awarded us an Outreach Grant! This means that we can now launch the Dung beetle Detectives Roadshow at a number of events throughout the summer.

The Roadshow will highlight biology, ecology, ecosystem function and services and demonstrate sampling techniques. Basic beetle anatomy will be covered and a range of pictorial identification aides will be available. Live and preserved adult and larval dung beetles, microscopes and demonstration survey equipment will also be available for people to have a look at and test. “Detectives” will be able to use this new found knowledge to recognise common dung beetle types (dwellers and tunnellers) and have a go at identifying some of our British species. Farm hosted events will include a guided walk to hunt for dung beetles.

There will be plenty of craft activities too including making dung beetles from paper plates and beetle pegs made with recycled materials. Participants will be able to take these items home to show off to all their friends and family.

We will be announcing the events soon, so please watch this space.

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